The Basenji Dog Breed

The most talked about dog of today is the Basenji, because of its cute small appearance and its ability not to bark. This dog instead whistles for attention and as an alert. This whistle is almost like a human yodeling and they do this because of their unique voice box. This dog originates from the Congo in Africa and are actually an ancient breed that has been seen in many wall paintings and jugs from Egypt, sitting at their master's heels.


Basenjis actually have a graceful look to them, with their sleek small bodies and perfectly triangular ears. Their muzzles are long and thin and their eyes have a small slant to them. There are known for their curly cue tail and long legs for their stout size. They usually weigh up to twenty five pounds and their height can go up to sixteen inches. They have a distinct run to them, as they appear to gallop like a miniature horse. Their most common coloring is tan with a white belly and muzzle. They also come in a tri color, black and white, and a rare all black shade.


These dogs are so curious they can get themselves into trouble. They can act like bratty children but when it comes down to it they adore getting any kind of attention from their family whether it be good or bad vibes. They have an intelligent side and they prove to be very active when they are in a happy mood. Although not vicious, they can be a bit reserved to strangers and even walk away a bit afraid, they need to be socialized well. If trained well, they know when to behave and stay calm, they also are quick to pick up commands.


One of the most interesting characteristics of this breed is its tendency to wash itself like a cat. They do not need much grooming other than a brush here and there. They also only need a bath once every two months. Another positive trait they have is that they do not have the typical smell f a wet dog and are always smelling quite clean.


Basenjis can get kidney problems more easily than other dog breeds. They need to be treated right away before it becomes a much more serious problem. They can get intestinal and eye problems as well, especially when they grow in age. They can reach a longevity of about twelve years if they are well cared for with healthy food and a great amount of exercise.

Basenji dogs are a very intriguing dog breed, with their yodeling like sounds and grooming like a feline, they are the perfect dog for an eccentric individual.